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Friday Introductions: Rolling Oven

What is better than pizza and beer? Brick-fired pizza and local taps!

Rolling Oven is located on the first floor of the 140 Building on Court Street - the second business to open in Steeplechase Centre!

photo cred top left Abigail E Photography - bottom right Muse Marketing

Why Visit?

Rolling Oven has amazing pizza, salads, creative appetizers, local taps and wine. Renovated in 2018, they were the second business to open here at Steeplechase Centre.

Historically the 140 Building of Court Street was home to the Versailles United Methodist Fellowship Hall. For generations this was a space for friends and family to break bread together in the spirit of community. And we can't think of a better way of keeping the tradition of being a centre of community.

Check out our Community Calendar to stay tuned to Rolling Oven's weekly events like trivia night and live music!

Follow Along

instagram @rollingoven

facebook @rollingoven

phone (859) 256-0007

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